We introduce ourselves

»Yes, you kunst.« – In these turbulent times, this should probably be the maxim that unites us all. Why? – On the one hand, because the potential for art lies slumbering in all of us. On the other hand, because art helps us to face the imponderables of life self-effectively and the things around us from other perspectives.

Art builds and stabilizes community cohesion and democracy. Art shifts horizons, begins where the edge of the box ends. And it is fun – especially when people come together with it and through it.

The Nordhausen Youth Art School celebrated its 20th birthday in 2022. For two decades now – that’s 175,200 hours! – we have been there for all those whose toes and fingers itch excitedly when they look at a blank sheet of paper or stare amazed at the works of other artists. For 20 years we have been gently guiding people of all generations through the promising door to their own creativity.

Yes, you kunst. With the Nordhausen Youth Art School.